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5 April
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My name is Lauren and I started this blog to connect with other people who like to cook/bake. I am always up for new recipes and taking on bigger challenges! I have been baking for awhile, but cooking is a newer hobby that started when I found the man of my dreams! I wanted to make him good food everyday. It was a bit of an interesting start, but now I love it and when I am in a grumpy food I head to the kitchen and my bad mood quickly fades.

I am from good ol' Bawlmer Maryland, but live in Richmond, VA. I love to go back and go to Hampden to add to my on going collection of weird things that I somehow make go together decoratively. I am currently working on creating a flamingo bathroom.

Music: Lucero (always on), The Gaslight Anthem (almost always on), Johnny Cash and June Carter (right up their with Lucero), Gillian Welch, The Wailin Jennys, Avail, Chuck Ragan, The Skatalites, The Slackers, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Elton John, The Counting Crows, None More Black, The Loved Ones, and more.
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